Ромка (obrut_mra) wrote in ru_acm,

High School Programming League 2008/2009

Переводить в лом так как все задания все равно будут на английском. =)

We are delighted to announce that Sphere Online Judge will be hosting
a new international programming contest, addressed first of all to
high school students:

High School Programming League 2008/2009
( http://hs.spoj.pl )

The contest will consist of 7 problem sets, each lasting about 5 weeks.
The 1st problem set starts on September 20 at 12:00 SPOJ time.

High school students are eligible to win valuable prizes (including
notebook computers), but all SPOJ users are cordially invited to
participate just-for-fun!

For rules and more particulars, see the contest website: http://hs.spoj.pl.
English and Polish are both official languages of the contest.
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